Children Sports Therapy Lake Worth

Is your child experiencing pain, tension, or discomfort that’s more than just growing pains? Young bodies are resilient, but they’re at risk for injuries just like everyone else – especially if they’re involved in physically demanding sports like football or soccer.

Whether their symptoms are from an injury, a chronic health issue, or part of surgery recovery, our team of sports therapists can help address their symptoms in our safe, kid-friendly, and effective children’s sports therapy center in Lake Worth.

At Aberdeen Physical Therapy, we work with children, teens, and adults to help improve and restore their physical health, allowing them to live pain-free and without limitations. Our team of experts creates a custom treatment plan that is tailored to your child’s specific capabilities and limitations, ensuring they’re never pushed past their limit or risking further injury.

We treat:

  • Broken bones
  • Sprains
  • Muscle tears
  • Neck strains
  • Health conditions
  • Surgical recovery

No matter the cause, Aberdeen helps restore your child’s quality of life and provides a strong foundation for growth and development as an athlete.

Why Choose Aberdeen Physical Therapy

As your Lake Worth children’s sports therapy provider, we help athletes get back on the field faster, avoid long-term damage resulting from injuries, and improve their conditioning to avoid future injuries. We also work with non-athletes to improve balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, and other key motor skills that are important for development.

Our caring staff provides individual attention and monitors progress throughout the treatment plan, adapting it as they progress to ensure steady improvement over time that’s sustainable. We also coordinate with local hospitals like Sanitas Medical Center and Bethesda Medical Center, as well as local providers, to make sure your rehabilitation plan is safe, effective, and approved by your doctor.

If your child is dealing with an injury or has a history of injuries, early detection and rehabilitation is essential for returning their quality of life and preventing chronic conditions in the future. Schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists to learn how we can help and why Aberdeen Physical Therapy is your #1 choice for children’s sports therapy in Lake Worth.

About Our Children’s Physical Therapy Office in Lake Worth

At Aberdeen Physical Therapy, we treat children from Lake Worth down to Delray Beach at our Boynton Beach facility. We’re just a short drive down I-95 and off of Jog Road, making it easy to attend appointments without going out of your way for quality care.

Our patient-first philosophy, individualized care, and extensive experience make us your premier Lake children’s physical therapy provider. We employ the most proven and effective treatments alongside the best in rehabilitation technology to shorten recovery times and achieve results our patients never thought were possible.

Our goal is to get your child back into their regular routine pain-free and with an improved quality of life. Don’t trust their recovery to anyone – join the hundreds of happy clients we’ve served over our 17+ years of service to Palm Beach County.


“This is one of the best Physical Therapy groups in south Florida in my opinion. Ian and Kayla truly care about their patients!

They are committed to helping their patients to get better and to resume normal life activities.Their positive energy shows in everything they do! I cannot recommend them highly enough.” - Peggy W.

“Thank you all at Aberdeen Physical Therapy! I am grateful to have been able to be seen right away and feel so much relief after just 1 visit! It is such a friendly and clean environment with everyone making sure I was comfortable and felt better before I left. Ian is very knowledgeable and dedicated to help everyone that is there while being kind and patient to make you feel comfortable. I highly recommend this office for any age and need for pain relief!” - Alexis D.

“I had an extremely painful frozen shoulder with zero mobility. The doctor had warned me that physical therapy was going to be torture so I was a little tentative but willing to do anything for relief. On my very first session with Ian my mobility had improved by over 70% and I had no pain during my visit. Ian really knows what he is doing. I had a total of 6 sessions and I did my homework in between. On my follow up visit the Orthopaedic doctor said that I was the fastest healing frozen shoulder he had ever seen! I give all the credit to Ian! He is experienced and professional and dedicated to helping others feel better and move better. I am back to normal and feeling great thanks to Ian!” - Lisa C.